The Lookout

La Mesa's Legacy Project
Artists: Jesus Dominguez – Mary Lynn Dominguez – Amy Dominguez

The history of La Mesa has been incorporated into this project. "The Lookout" is designed to be a focal gathering spot in the downtown La Mesa village.

The eight mosaic panels on "The Lookout" recall a variety of historical events from different eras in La Mesa.

Each of the past 100 years from 1912-2012 is depicted as a date on the inner and outer surfaces of the mosaic panels. The dates are designed to be a part of the overall pattern created by the mosaic tiles and not simply as numbers on a wall.

In addition to the dates, on each of these panels a special event from La Mesa's history will be further illustrated with imagery, also done in mosaic tiles. A stainless steel plaque on one of the inner panels will list the eight memorable events depicted.
Lookout plans3_thumb.jpg
Some Additional Features Include:
  • Donor recognition plaques and bricks
  • Time capsule buried beneath the Centennial logo, encased in a concrete vault
  • Bronze sculpture of the Helix snail – this sculpture is designed to be safe for children to "ride"