City Council Subcommittees

The City Council creates subcommittees as needed to accomplish the work of the Council. Subcommittees are categorized in two types as described below, Standing or Ad Hoc. Subcommittees are used at the discretion of the Council to assist meeting the goals and objectives of the Council in an effective and efficient manner. Subcommittees do not replace the work or decision-making process of the City Council as a whole.

Standing Subcommittees

Standing Committees are more permanent in nature and address ongoing areas of interest to the City Council. Standing Subcommittees are subject to the Brown Act requirements for public notification and record keeping. Currently, the City Council has two Standing Subcommittees:

Audit Subcommittee (Mayor Mark Arapostathis and Councilmember William Baber)

Citizen Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee (Mayor Mark Arapostathis and Councilmember Guy McWhirter)

Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Ad Hoc Subcommittees are more temporary in nature and focus on a specific task, which when completed, ends the subcommittee’s role as well. Ad Hoc Subcommittees typically will not last over an extended time period and the primary task or goal of the subcommittee should remain constant. Ad Hoc Subcommittees may not be subject to the provisions of the Brown Act, although efforts to gather public input as a part of the subcommittee assignment will provide adequate notice and community outreach to insure meaningful community involvement. The City Council currently has formed six Ad Hoc Subcommittees:

MacArthur Park – Community Center Subcommittee (Councilmember Kristine Alessio and Councilmember Guy McWhirter)

Downtown Village Specific Plan Update Subcommittee (Councilmember Guy McWhirter and Councilmember Kristine Alessio)

Civic Center Master Plan Subcommittee (Councilmember William Baber and Councilmember Colin Parent)

Downtown Village Promotion and Events Subcommittee (Mayor Mark Arapostathis and Councilmember Guy McWhirter)​

Climate Action Plan Subcommittee (Councilmember Kristine Alessio and Councilmember William Baber)

Signs Ordinance Subcommittee (Mayor Mark Arapostathis and Councilmember William Baber)

Housing Affordability Subcommittee (Councilmember Colin Parent and Councilmember Kristine Alessio)