La Mesa Fast Facts

Elected Representatives*

Name Term Expires
Mayor Mark Arapostathis
Vice Mayor Colin Parent
Councilmember Kristine C. Alessio
Councilmember Bill Baber
Councilmember Akilah Weber

*Elections are every two years for four-year terms.

City Information

Incorporated: 1912 (Founded in 1869)
City Government: La Mesa is a general law city which derives its power from state law and uses the State Governmental Code to enumerate the City's powers and form of government. In this case, La Mesa employs a Council-Manager form of government. In this arrangement, the council is responsible for determining policy, and the City Manager ensures that such policy is implemented.
City Employees 259.75 full-time employees budgeted
Police Sworn Personnel 68 full-time employees budgeted
Fire Sworn Personnel 43 full-time employees budgeted
Fire Stations 3
City Parks 14
City Slogan: Jewel of the Hills
City Flower: Bougainvillea (Barbara Karst Red)
City Tree: Plum
Budget FY 16-17: $128,465,255
Size: 9 square miles
Miles of City Streets: 153
Population (2014): 58,769 (Provided by the State of California, Department of Finance)
Median Household Income (2015): $60,390 (Provided by SANDAG)*
School Districts: La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
Grossmont Union High School District
Weather: Average January low: 47°
Average January high: 70°
Average July low: 68°
Average July high: 98°
Average Annual Precipitation: 13.8 inches
Current La Mesa weather

*The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has an extensive listing of demographic data.